2ClicPay is established in 2005, it is now integrated within the Corporate 2ClicTrader International Corp, based in Florida, USA.
The company is formed and composed of experienced people in the business world, in the sector financial, marketing and international markets. Our company integrates a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, experienced and trained to perform the tasks of high quality services. Our main goal is to achieve maximum efficiency and quality parameters, setting goals every day, focused on improving systems and services, in order to get the full satisfaction of our customers.Since its founding, 2ClicPay has been focused on the vision of becoming a company that offers a comprehensive financial coverage to entrepreneurs in the digital world and especially projects created in the field of Network Marketing.

Currently, this initial vision has become a financial macro-financial project forming a legal structure that will include in the near future, our brand of Pre-Paid cards and incorporation of a bank within the group.

Our mission is to create a comprehensive system of payments, to provide practical answers to the needs of people around the world who develop some kind of business activity on the Internet, a system that offers, versatility, simplicity, security and quality of service.


The Group 2ClicTrader Corp:

2C Trader Ltd. – London, UK

145-157 St John Street, London,
EC1V 4PW, England


2ClicPlayer Digital Services  www.2clicplayer.com

2ClicTrader Corp.

7135 Collins Avenue # 1011 Miami Beach,

33141 /EEUU